Dealing With Water Damage in a Beachfront Property in Hawaii

Dealing With Water Damage in a Beachfront Property in Hawaii

In Hawaii, living on the beach is nothing short of perfect – most of the time. Occasionally, our beautiful islands are battered by tropical storms that cause flooding and destruction, especially to beachfront properties. If that happens, it’s important to know who to call and to act quickly.Here’s how to deal with water damage in your beachfront property with the help of the restoration company.

Document Everything

If you own beachfront property, you’ve probably purchased flood insurance. If you don’t have this specific type of insurance, it’s imperative that you discuss adding it with your insurance agent. Floods of any kind, from ocean water to rain, might not be covered under your generic homeowners insurance policy. If your whole home or significant parts of it are destroyed, the restoration costs could be out of pocket.

Before the restoration team arrives, document everything that was damaged on the beachfront property. Take photos and videos to help make your case to an insurance adjuster. Whatever restoration company you hire should help you do this, but start an inventory of all items that have been affected before the team arrives. It doesn’t matter if the items appear salvageable or not; everything should be documented ASAP.

Remove All Items

Your next objective is to remove everything from the home, regardless of whether or not it can be professionally restored. With your permission, the restoration company will dispose of anything they deem irreparable as part of the cleanup process. Anything that can be restored will be moved to a safe place. By removing these items, the restoration company reduces the risk of further damage or mold development.

Help Get the Area Dried and Dehumidified

The next step in dealing with water damage is fully drying and dehumidifying the area. Restoration companies remove the standing water in the home, then begin the long process of eradicating all moisture. It’s a tedious step, but until it’s completed, no permanent reparations can take place.

This step is also crucial because it prevents mold infestations from blossoming in the wake of water damage. To hasten the process along, you may even want to open all the windows and let in some fresh air.

Stay Calm, and Call Hawaii Restoration Services

After we experience a severe storm, you don’t have to panic if your beachfront property incurred damage. Call your local team at Hawaii Restoration Services 24/7 for emergency water damage restoration. We’ll help you through the whole process and get your property back to normal as fast as possible. Contact us today at (808) 468-7978.

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