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We are the calm after the storm.
You’ve likely taken active steps to protect your home and belongings against severe weather. Here in Hawaii, we’re no stranger to tropical storms, hurricane force winds, and the occasional flood. Still, these situations have dire effects on our community. But when a weather event strikes your home or business, you can fight back! Schedule professional storm damage restoration in Kapolei, HI with Hawaii Restoration Services.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Types of Storms

While we do enjoy wonderful weather, there’s a variety of storms and weather events here in Hawaii, including:

  • Tropical Storms
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hurricanes
  • Hailstorms
  • Flooding

How Storms & Wind Can Damage Your Home

A storm causes damage via two fronts: water and wind. With water damage stemming from rain or sewer system flooding, this issue can seep into your property from all angles. With enough wind, your roof takes a beating, and much debris is blown about as well.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The aftermath of a storm is messy. It’s upsetting to see downed trees, broken tree branches, all sorts of debris strewn all over your property, and possibly even water standing in your home. Our technicians can clean up each piece and repair any damage promptly.

Storm Damage Repair

Speaking of repairing storm damage, you may find yourself with a broken window or two, a leaking roof, and various other issues. But whatever the damage is, or how much there is, our restoration experts are both equipped and trained to repair storm damage effectively.

Wind Damage Repair

As stated, wind damage can beat on your roof. It typically tears roofing shingles or tiles from overhead and sends them flying. And that’s in addition to the other debris strewn about from neighboring homes or businesses. Rest assured, we’ll repair any damage caused by the wind.

Residential & Commercial Storm Damage Repair

No one should be left alone to try and handle storm damage. It’s a big job, and resources are required to get it done. Hawaii Restoration Services is here to provide relief against any type of storm system in our area. Not even tropical cyclone or hurricane weather will keep us away.

24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Services

As you know, a storm will strike when it pleases. We don’t get to choose the time, but you can choose when to call us! That’s an easy choice, as Hawaii Restoration Services is available day or night to combat storm damage on your property.

Certified Storm Damage Technicians

At Hawaii Restoration Services, we are certified, trained, and well-equipped to tackle storm damage in our community. Our certification ensures you’ll receive expert services. We know just how to tackle storm damage, including water and wind. Know that you’ll be in good hands.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Hawaii Restoration Services is here to provide storm damage restoration in Kapolei, HI. Call us anytime(808) 468-7978. We’re here for you!

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