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Take a good look around your home. You can spot the household appliances with a water connection almost immediately. After all, you probably use them daily! And we’re with you – we all love the convenience they bring. You’ve got the refrigerator, garbage disposal, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee pot, and others. They make life easy, all right… but unfortunately, these appliances are also susceptible to leaking. And as you know, water leaks lead to water damage – it’s a whole thing. So now’s the time to schedule water damage restoration for appliance failure in Kapolei, HI.

Appliance Leak Cleanup & Restoration

Water-Damaged Electrical Appliances

Of course, your appliances can also be damaged due to no fault of their own, via water intrusion from outside sources – a flood, for example. If your home has recently flooded, then chances are your helpful electrical appliances are downright useless. At least, they are for now. Many modern appliances are actually resilient. That coffee percolator handed down through your family? With the right cleaning and restoration, it is not a lost cause – it could function again once more.

Refrigerator Submerged in Water

Typically, a modern refrigerator is meant to be airtight. It’s a safety mechanism protecting the food within from outside exposure. This same level of protection may save your refrigerator from damage after being submerged in water for a short period. If that’s the case, we can then restore and repair any further water damage to the unit. It will be entirely safe to use once more.

Flood-Damaged Refrigerator

Following a flood, it makes sense that your refrigerator will take on some damage. After all, it’s the largest appliance in your kitchen. But don’t assume it’s the end of the road. We provide repairs and restoration for refrigerators after flood damage. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we can do for you!

Which Appliances Can Be Saved After a Flood?

The aftermath of a flood is devastating, but there is always hope. We can salvage a variety of appliances, including your refrigerator, washing machine, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and more. We must first assess the damage, and go from there.

If your home took on water damage in a recent flood, call Hawaii Restoration Services. We’re available at (808) 468-7978 for appliance repair and restoration due to water damage from any source.

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