How Water Damage Can Affect Your Hawaii Home

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Hawaii Home

In the aftermath of hurricanes and tropical storms during 2018, Hawaii residents have learned that water damage can be powerful and challenging to remedy. Thousands of people endured floods, leading to damaged roads, businesses, and homes. It’s no surprise that these islands are used to water, but they’re not always prepared to handle the damage it causes.

When faced with water damage, especially in a tropical climate, here are some of the top issues Hawaiian homeowners will most likely encounter.

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in moist, warm environments. Unfortunately, that makes flooded houses in Hawaii perfect candidates for a mold breeding ground. In the wake of a flood or a leak, your building may become home to spores that spread quickly. Mold can be hidden in walls, under floors, and in the ceiling, so it will likely take a trained eye and advanced equipment to locate it.

Irreparable Floors

During a water-related accident, floors are often one of the first casualties. Restoration companies can try to professionally dry the floors and salvage them, but more often than not, flooring needs to be removed. Rugs and carpeted areas may be unsalvageable, but even hardwood floors can be irreparably damaged by water and mold growth.

Foul Odors

Bad smells often follow water damage for a few reasons. First of all, hidden mold growth can leave a stench. Mildew in carpeting and furniture can also make your home smell unpleasant. If the water damage was caused by a leaking toilet or sewer, it’s also possible that the smell is coming from bacteria in dirty water. These smells will likely need to be professionally removed with advanced cleaning equipment.

Broken Appliances

Many of your appliances, like your refrigerator, can be damaged during a severe water damage incident. These types of devices shouldn’t be submerged in water; when they get wet, they can stop functioning altogether. You may need to call in a restoration company to assess the damage and determine what items can be saved.

Heath Problems

Unfortunately, the presence of moist air and mold can also impact your family’s health. People with allergy and asthma issues are especially at risk, as are individuals with lowered immune systems. If someone appears to have trouble breathing during the aftermath of a water-related accident, it’s important to seek medical attention and call in mold inspection services immediately.

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