Is it mold or mildew? Learn how to spot the difference

It can be scary when you see a patch of something growing in a damp area of your home, or if you start smelling something strange but can’t find where it’s coming from. The question is, are you dealing with mold or mildew? Both mold and mildew are types of fungus that like to grow in warm, […]

How to Check for Hidden Mold

If you suspect that mold is growing in your home, it could be polluting your indoor air quality, aggravating allergies, and causing immense property damage behind the scenes. First, you need to find it, though. Mold is tricky. It tends to hide underneath floorboards, in the attic, or beneath the crawlspace in your home. Making […]

There are numerous devastating effects of fire damage in your home.

Living in Hawaii is like an adventure each day. There are beautiful beaches surrounding your home, fantastic foods, and natural wonders around every corner. However, because we live on an island, our little community must occasionally deal with disaster. That disaster often comes in the form of house fires or water damage. In the United […]

Is Mold Growth a Problem in Hawaii?

Mold growth is an unfortunate problem that any home can experience, new or old. Because of Hawaii’s climate, humidity and moisture are common issues. Unfortunately, both contribute to common types of mold infestations in homes and businesses. Because mold growth is a frequent concern in Hawaii, knowing how to prevent it is essential when it comes to […]

Dealing With Water Damage in a Beachfront Property in Hawaii

In Hawaii, living on the beach is nothing short of perfect – most of the time. Occasionally, our beautiful islands are battered by tropical storms that cause flooding and destruction, especially to beachfront properties. If that happens, it’s important to know who to call and to act quickly.Here’s how to deal with water damage in your beachfront […]

Dealing with Mold Growth in Oahu, HI

A significant mold infestation can destroy your home – not to mention your health. Mold is tricky, though. You cannot just grab a sponge and scrub away at the growth. This just spreads mold spores in the air with each scrub motion. The reason mold grows is often because of high humidity, moisture levels, or hidden water […]

What to Do in Case of an Appliance Leak

Usually, when you have water damage in your home, it’s evident to the naked eye. You’ll spot the telltale signs of paint blistering, wallpaper peeling, and dark patches on the ceiling. These are all common symptoms of a plumbing leak. However, when an appliance leaks, it can be silent. The source of all your water damage problems […]

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Hawaii Home

In the aftermath of hurricanes and tropical storms during 2018, Hawaii residents have learned that water damage can be powerful and challenging to remedy. Thousands of people endured floods, leading to damaged roads, businesses, and homes. It’s no surprise that these islands are used to water, but they’re not always prepared to handle the damage […]

Types of Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, not every incident falls under the same category. Depending on the severity of the damage and the kind of water that’s involved, different steps may be taken by restoration services. For instance, an appliance leak doesn’t fall in the same category as floodwaters from a storm. To see which kind […]

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